Clearing the Shed

As you know the roof of our shed is on the brink of collapse. Rather than rush out and buy a new one, and who needs a new one when the rest of the shed is okay? We have decided to use it as an opportunity to green the roof. The problem is that the weather has been against us, all summer. Okay, you can laugh at that word, tut and suck air between your teeth like a builder who has just been asked, 'How much will it cost?' because that sums up 'summer'. So, we have one eye to winter and thought it was best to clear the shed. Sure we have the supports in for a new shed roof but if it rains heavily before we get on with the job that could be the end of the roof.

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Ta-da! One empty shed ready for us to crack on with when the weather has settled and our wood is dry because we simply have nowhere to store it except outside under tarpaulin and that is as water tight as our shed. So, watch this space.


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