AquaGarden at Incredible Edible Todmorden

Part of our new job at Hopwood involves us forging links and partnerships with organisations across the North, and dare we say, further afield? Maybe even down south! The great thing of being north of Watford is the thriving growing scene. We gave the world Incredible Edible and some of the first organic gardens, see Levens Hall in Cumbria. We have always been a political hotbed of ideas and manure. It was with a mix of professionalism and glee that we got to visit the AquaGarden in Todmorden part of the Incredible Edible movement.


If you don't know what Incredible Edible is where have you been? Think guerrilla gardening that is winning the war against stupidity and municipal planting. A rage against poor planting decisions around a health centre has spiralled into a radical movement, not even the Chartists got as far and as wide spread as Incredible Edible. This grass roots (no pun here) organisation don't wait to plant, they just plant and they plant to eat for food grown locally by the community empowers that community.

Incredible Edible

The AquaGarden is the next step in that journey, using fish to fertilise crops in a continuous cycle that recycles fish waste into food.


The results are breathtaking from the Tilapi Mozambique and Coy Carp that swim through the tanks to the food growing in ceramic beads. Yet it is the soil science that AquaGarden is committed to that is breathtaking. There are several beds exploring various growing mediums and fertilisers from chicken manure to hugelkultur. There are surprises and delights here from the dark black tomatoes to the cantaloupes swinging inches from your ears.


From soil to the soiless there are hidden delights, networks and ideas here. We'll be back. 


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