Cleaning the Glasshouse at Hopwood

As we move into autumn there are several tasks that must be performed on any site. One of those is the cleaning of glass. It's important to do this at this time of year and in early spring. You'd be amazed at how grime quickly builds up on glass and more importantly how this effects light levels, which over the coming months will sink lower and lower. To give you an idea of how different it can be take a look at the photo below, the left pane has been cleaned, disinfected and brushed down but the pane on the right has not been. Big difference isn't there?


All you need is a soft brush, a bucket of soapy water with disinfectant in it and some willing bodies to get under the glass. Coming to the rescue are the Horticultural students at Hopwood. We simply scrubbed the glass on the inside and outside, like any good window cleaner before being followed up with someone with a hose on high setting to blast off any remaining debris and to clean out the gutters at the bottom of the glass.


The Hopwood glasshouse is a large one but an average one will only take a few hours to clean, this one took the whole day but that did include the clearing of foliage from the tomatoes. We also took time to check for any loose glass and possible maintenance issues to get to grips with.


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