Cleaning the Polytunnel at Hopwood

You will have noticed yesterday that our polytunnel at Hopwood looks a lot cleaner. This is down to two level three students who took some brushes, a hose and buckets full of soapy water to the skin of the tunnel. You can see the tide line where they couldn't reach any further. We spoke about using a rope and old blankets like a massive string of floss but at this time of year the sun is so low it seems a little pointless.


We want to say thank you to these two students, safeguarding doesn't allow us to mention their names but they are two fine horticulture students who bring a good name to people who like to graft. It took them half a day to do this and the results are fabulous, you can see the path running through the tunnel, you can even see the soil inside. Now we have to crack on with mulching those borders inside and out. So, how did they clean this tunnel? It was simply a solution of washing up liquid (yes, you can go eco-friendly on this front, we would), some brushes, a light touch on the elbow grease and washing it all off before the sun dries it. You are advised when working undercover to wear masks to stop what we were washing off in a well ventilated area getting on your lungs. The green algae that run off outside was like the attack of The Blob in the 1950s with Steve McQueen. One of the students was Steve McQueen, we didn't have the heart to ask him if he knew who Steve McQueen was, just in case he looked us like we were really, really old. Meant that the soap killed off the algae and the hose washed it away, thankfully we have three foot paths around the tunnel to allow run off. Though our Steve McQueen had a cracking idea of fitting gutters at the bottom of the sides to fill a pool that we have planned for this area, giving us a Heath Robinsoneque water feature - watch this space for that.

You will notice when we photograph the students at the Hopwood garden we do so from behind. This is to preserve their anonymity and to safeguard them. All the work on the gardens is being done by these students, and we Life on Pig Row applaud them for listening to us, being patient with us and driving this garden site forward. Thank you.


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