New Beds at Hopwood

When we gave you a tour of the Hopwood garden about a month ago you would have noticed quite a bit of grass dotted around. You all know that at Pig Row we view grass as a weed, which it technically is, it's invasive and we spend much of our gardening lives trying to keep it in check. There was an area by the polytunnel that looked like this but now looks like that. You'll have to click through on the 'this' to see the before but you get the idea of the after below. This was all dug out by level 1 and 2 in Horticulture. They spent the morning measuring up and then dividing the area into plots or 'graves' as one student referred them after sinking their border fork into the clay.

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The plots measure 11 x 3 feet, and the students have free rein to plant what they want but remember everything you ever wanted was not what you needed. They have to evidence that they are beginning to consider soil, environment and even climate. Think orientation (no, we don't mean donning walking shoes, water proofs and whistling a rambling life away, that's orienteering), that simply means which way does the garden face. We haven't told them and we wonder if any of them will think of it. That's the first step, know where your sun is, which means at this time of year it's in that moment between going into work and leaving it. So, here's several new beds, all ready, all waiting to be added to and improved. The polytunnel behind is another story for tomorrow.

horticulture, gardening

You will notice when we photograph the students at the Hopwood garden we do so from behind. This is to preserve their anonymity and to safeguard them. All the work on the gardens is being done by these students, and we Life on Pig Row applaud them for listening to us, being patient with us and driving this garden site forward. Thank you.


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