Seed House Plans at Hopwood

In our new journey with the Hopwood garden we are training and working with 21 Horticulture students. They all have a say in the project and one thing that we have decided is that the site should be run as a commercial concern, that means we have carved off sections of the site with their appointed supervisors, all of whom have to work with each other to build up a cycle of sowing, growing and harvesting, then selling.


The heart of that project is the new seed house. We have heated benches, an over spill greenhouse that will be our coldframe (it's a cold greenhouse), we can control the temperatures in this greenhouse, last Friday we had to close it up including the internal doors as the temperature gauge started to drop at night. We have stripped away the shading from the lower windows, cleaned out all the debris, disinfected and dragged it back into use.


We have some perennial, biannual and other plants grown on from division on some of the benches. We have tidied the yard outside, stacking and cleaning at the pots and bringing all seed trays undercover. It's a start and an improvement from what was there. It's amazing what we can do when we all work together towards a common goal.


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