Bulbs Arriving at Pig Row

It's that time of year when the postman knocks hard on our door in that impatient, back breaking way, as in, 'Hurry bloody up my arms are being pulled out from their sockets'. Yes, we have put in our bulb order as part of the work we are doing in the community around Pig Row. We have ordered two great big sacks of daffodil bulbs for naturalising, Tamara and Naturalising bulbs, 50kgs of them are sat in our hallway waiting for the community group to come on down and grab a bucket or two to scatter around the grass verges. We have plans to follow this with yellow rattle, kindly donated by Nick Mann at Habitat Aid, to weaken the grass and allow us to sow daisies.
We can't wait to get the daffodils in but we have also receive tulips for the first time in a long time for the cottage garden, we will be planting Pink Impression and Passionale, to give us a nice hit of hot colour when the garden starts to green up.

We can't wait for the riot of colour that will come with spring. If you want advice on how to plant them, follow the link to here and an easy how to film.


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