Merry Christmas Hygge

A few weeks ago we explored the new craze of hygge via a persian carpet, a log burner and just being happy with being us. Now, as we approach the most hygge, and for some the most uhygge, month of the year. We thought we would bring you some images and stories from our home at Pig Row.


These angels, regardless of faith, have become a family treasure. Handed down from Carol's Grandma they have been with us since the wonderful woman died. They once sat in her house from the 1960s onwards. Each of them named by Carol as a child, they still have their names inside them; scrawled there by a loving Grandma. They each have a story, from Beryl to Deidre, they were made for our new mantel over the fireplace in our new family room. This is the first Christmas they have had a home, and not a building site.


These cardboard angels, folded down each New Year link us to Carol's past but allow Little D to talk to us about them and his Great-Grandma. They only missed each other by a few years but these angels allow her to sit on his shoulder and whisper in his ear and Christmas is not just about those that are with us, but those who no longer can be. So, raise a glass to them, open your hearts and remember them this season. Hygge doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune these holidays. Step off that cash cow. Back in 2012 as we struggled through a heavy debt watching our wages flood out of the house, we came up with something magical for Little D made of old clothes pegs and paper bags. Back then we couldn't even afford the usual chocolate advent calendar and instead we raided our drawers, our childhood toys, our memories and gave Little D twenty-four days of small toys that bounced, ran, crawled and pinged-ponged. Even today, even this Christmas, he is still amazed when the Christmas mice* turn up and pin these bags up. His mouth falls into the perfect 'O' of excitement.


This advent calendar says 'Christmas' to us and can change each year and even Little D knows that this is the start of the season that the mice watch him to report back to Father Christmas. They are the naughty and nice list mice. It's another feeling that has been encompassed into hygge, which basically means warmth. So, with that in mind we have donned our long johns and are warm and toasty, and that's just our knees.


So, however you celebrate Christmas, however you spend the holidays, have a good time, have a time filled with love, peace and happiness. Merry Christmas to you all, and to all a Merry Christmas.

* many people have Christmas elves but this is an old house, and we have had visitors in the cold months. The kind that make traps go snap. Hence the creation of the Christmas mice. Well, that may be the story. The real reason is that we both grew up with Bagpuss.


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