Great Food For A Year: The Challenge

You all know we are great food lovers, we champion real food, the kind of food that doesn't come with E-numbers and plastic packaging you need a PhD to get into. We know that a busy life doesn't equal a life with great food. We know having no money doesn't mean you can eat well. Except that's not true. Neither one of these statements are true. If you have a good job then you can afford to eat well and more ethically. If you have no money, and we have been there and some days it still feels like we are there (we just costed up a meal we've just eaten and it comes to £1.40 between four people, so that 35p a portion). It's all about getting back to basics. Re-engaging not just with where food can be grown but how you cook the stuff. Be it growing, be it baking or just celebrating the beauty of food. For food is beautiful, you realise how beautiful it is when you go without to pay the bills, to feed your kids or because the larder is empty. Here at Pig Row we want to celebrate the wonders of food throughout the coming year, from plot to plate we'll take you step by step from growing your own and then cooking it. From garden to table. From plastic pot to plate. We'll guide you and celebrate great food.

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Let's start with bread, you can find some our bread recipes from basic daily bread to something more special. Bread doesn't need a bread maker, it just needs your arms and patience. Even fast food can be re-imagined bringing shop bought beside garden grown. You don't have to go all for leather in the garden, a little and often will save you pennies and pounds.

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If you want to see the kind of food we grow and eat, take a look at the album below from last year which brings together some of the meals we had. Enjoy a new way of eating in 2017. Join us in the challenge to grow something, bake something, preserve something and realise that a crop grown is worth more to your spirit than a bag of frozen chips #foodchallenge


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