Snow Day

We spoke too soon. We should have kept Mum. Mum's the word about winter. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Yesterday was supposed to bring in heavy snow, it did for half the morning. Then is did a Harry Houdini or Houtini (our old name for Little D when he was in toddler mode, not nailed down? 'Gone. It's all gone'). The snow went poof and vanished. Bish. Bash. Bosh. Bugger. This meant yesterday Andrew tried to go to work three times at the Hopwood garden: 8:30am snowing like the cloud giants are having a good time. Gave up. 9:30am the snow is clearing, 'I'll just get my car keys' and out to the car Andrew goes. Comes back in to pick up some books he's forgotten, goes back out again and it's three inches deep and a snowman is sat in his car. 10:45am it seems to be clearing, let's give it thirty minutes and Andrew can get to the Hopwood garden for the afternoon. 11:15am THE LANE IS FILLING, THE LANE IS FILLING, WE CAN'T SEE THE MAIN ROAD. LITTLE D WILL BE CUT OFF FROM US, TO THE SCHOOL, TO THE SCHOOL! So, an hour later and we have crawled down off our hill in the Kipper car, tiny but lovely, and we have made it to the school car park. No sign of snow. Kids traipse past us to the coach, they're going swimming but first they are cooing and laughing at the six inches of snow on our car that accumulated as we drove down the hill, little hands ache to make snowballs as the teacher barks them past glaring at us for bringing snow to school. We take Little D home, the snow seems to have lost its bite by the time we get to the hill, it's slushy and we slip our way up the hill. Our lane is...bloody empty of snow. The snow has vanished again. Little D looks at us, tuts, shakes his head. We decide to take him back to school, turn around in the road into the face of a blizzard. Snow falls. We go in. Two hours later there's nothing. The day has been wasted. This morning we wake up to this. Snow, it's just a tease.

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