He's Old Enough To Keep Chickens

Avian Flu may still have us on lock down but it's a good time to get Little D into his first important role at Pig Row. Yes, he's a poultry keeper in training. During half term he has been helping Carol to keep care of the chickens, he even sings Kiss, 'God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You' to our black silkie, named Gene Simmons. Gene likes it, as does our calmed down cockerel and Mrs Cluckerbuck, our buff warren, likes having Little D around. 

chickens, life on pig row

So, today Little D is learning about taking our bedding. The importance of wearing a mask and dipping your feet in disinfectant. Little D is becoming a chicken whisperer. We know of other prominent chicken whispers, the late and famous Doris Lessing, kept chickens on her parents farm from a young age, younger than Little D and wrote about. One of her short stories is about incubating eggs and having to watch the candle so it wouldn't blow out when there was a draft - and farms are drafty places! 

chicken keeping, how to keep chickens, life on pig row

chickens, life on pig row

He is learning about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), which in this case is a mask and gloves when clearing out bedding destined for the compost heap. His next step is to hold a chicken and his response to that was this...

life on pig row, keeping poultry

...oh well, one step at a time for this chicken whisperer in training.


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