Pancake Day With A Twist

We often see pancake day as an opportunity to eat something sweet, and plenty of it before Lent kicks in and we decide we may give something up for Easter. This year we're twisting this around and will be trying one new meal a week, and this means rethinking the humble pancake and doing something a little bit more savoury with a nod to cannelloni.

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Pancake Mix
100g of plain flour
1 egg
Pinch of salt
1/4 pint of water
1/4 pint of milk

Savoury filling
1/2 a courgette
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1lb of mince
1 tin of plum tomatoes
Tablespoon of Italian seasoning
Half a tin of milk
Handful of grated cheese

Cut up onions and courgettes, saute together in a pan with a splash of vegetable oil. Once cooked add mince. Cook until browned. Add one clove of grated garlic and a teaspoon of Italian seasoning, cook for a further minute and add tin of plum tomatoes, crush the tomatoes with back of a wooden spoon. Add half a can of milk, using the can that the plum tomatoes came in. Mix together over heat. Cook until just at a boil, then turn down the heat and allow to simmer until it reduces and becomes thick and unctuous. 

Next, take your pancake ingredients. Place a pinch of salt into the plain flour. Crack in an egg, mix together with a spatula and then slowly add milk and water. Beat well with the spatula and add the remaining liquid. By doing this you won't get lumps of flour but if you do, reach for the blender! The final consistency should be like single cream.

Add a splash of vegetable oil to a frying pan. When it begins to smoke, add three tablespoons of the pancake mix to the pan, when golden brown underneath, flip it or if you're more nervous use a fish slice or spatula to turn it over in the pan. When pancake is browned take out of the pan and set on one side to cool. You will need two pancakes per person.

When you have all your pancakes place a ladle spoon of the savoury mix into each pancake and roll it up, then place it in a baking dish - the effect will be the same as cannelloni, you will have little tubes of dreamy savoury pancakes - repeat this with all the pancakes until dish is full, you do not want to stack the pancakes, this is not lasagne, you want the bottom of the baking dish to be full of your pancake rolls and pour over any remaining savoury mixture spreading it gently over all of them, then grate a handful of cheese over the dish and cook for 25 minutes or until golden brown at 200c.

Then for afters choose a sweet pancake of choice, we went for bananas and chocolate.

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