There's Something Forgotten And Magical Here

So, earlier this week on our Facebook Page we shared an image and asked, 'There's something very important lurking under these trees. Can you guess what it is?' Today, we're going to take you on a journey over Trub Brook, which meanders slowly down, past fallen trees, through The Butts, past the old Bothy Cottage - the only part of it still remaining are the foundations and a few feet of broken stone flooring - but before it gets there, before it snakes past an old corn mill, which we'll reveal next week, there is something hidden, and there are clues if you look for them. 

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Take this stone post which sits beside a red brick 1960s bridge with 1980s safety rails. This stone post was part of the original bridge, it was an important part of it. You can still see the holes that held the iron, which held the bridge, which prevented you from falling in to Trub Brook but the bridge...oh, the dreams of that bridge. The stories of that bridge. The scroll work of that bridge. Long gone. Long washed away. That bridge was a gateway to something special but today all there is to meet you is the dried stalks of Himalayan Balsam.

gardening, life on pig row, hopwood

Except, as you brush your feet over the stalks you find something else, the echoes of brickwork, a path that runs and runs.

gardening, garden history, life on pig row, hopwood

life on pig row, garden, hopwood

Then the path hits a circular bed, a tree is sat in the centre and you know, you just know that this tree is there for a reason. This tree isn't old. This tree knows there's a water source beneath it and it's taking full advantage of it. Yes, this tree sits on an old fountain, and the remains of it can barely be seen below the leaf litter.

gardening, life on pig row, hopwood

Then that path, that brickwork runs off to the north, to the south, to the west and east. Beneath some trees there appears to be some kind of stonework, grave like.

hopwood, life on pig row, gardening, garden history

Broken troughs? No. This is all there is left of a gazebo. You can see the post holes for more iron work.

garden history, italian garden, hopwood, life on pig row

There are bare bones here. Something important was here. The path runs on and vanishes beneath felled trees, stacked long ago and forgotten. Just like this garden.

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For this is no ordinary garden. This is a famous forgotten garden. A most fashionable garden for the Victorians and Edwardians. This is the Italian garden. This landscape has been tamed and the soil? The soil when dug down into is dark and deep, and full of secrets.



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