Bye-bye Shed

Back in 2011, broke, back buggered and bravely growing for a second year we invested in a shed. It was safe to say it was a s**t shed. The door frame was too low, Andrew has bashed his head on it more times then he'd cared to swear about. The floor has caved in twice and is on the verge of a third sag. The roof has gone from a work of felted beauty to a fungus bowl. The pain of painting it cream has given way to lichen central. Last year we said, 'We'll save it, we'll make it new, we'll give it a green roof'. Then we had a wet winter and got chickens; an odd mix but that's life on Pig Row. The shed went from s**t to a series of other four letter words. The chickens need more space. That means, bye-bye s**t shed.

gardening, building sheds

So, we decided to empty the shed to the other shed, which was more expensive and still standing after being blown down the hill a few years back. We have decided to pull down the old shed, and pull out the posts we put up for the green roof - though they will have a life elsewhere - the old shed though we will dance around naked at the spring equinox in a few weeks. Then there's hedges to replace it and chickens to house in the area next to it and we will never talk about the shed we brought cheaply and repented over for many years. Buy a decent shed or build your own.

gardening, keeping chickens

Now, let's build a big run for the chickens. As one shed falls over, chickens find somewhere else to cluck.


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