Under The Original Glass: What We Are Planning at Hopwood

Turn back the clock, just a little, just a smidge to around 1901 and the world is yet to see the horrors of the twentieth century. Trench warfare is not even a concept. The atom bomb not even considered. There are no such things and in the Hopwood Hall Market Garden there are the old glasshouses nestled close to the manor, and for a moment, for the brief click on the shutter, there is peace before the chaos that becomes the modern world. 


It's so easy to generalise, to see the past as a simpler place but for all the peace we think they had, they had the panic, the fear and the problems of producing food out of season in a climate that doesn't lend itself to growing all year round. We may all lament the fact we import too much food but we import lots of plants too because other countries are warmer than our's, they get ahead of us and all those plug plants wing their way to us to grow on. Horticulture is a global industry and even in 1901 it was a global industry. Over the coming months we will wind back the clock to 1901 to look at the Edwardian garden, to recreate a rose garden, a manicured lawn and in time even these glasshouses will rise from the ashes once more.


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