Daffodil Glory

Last year we took our spade and walked out the front door clutching a bucket of bulbs. Beyond the alliterative, beyond the doorstep we wanted to bring a little colour to the world outside our walls, we'd recommend everyone do this. We need more colour in the world. We need more flowers and the joy this brings to everyone is a joy that should be shared. We need more daffodils at the end of a working week.

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The daffodils are the final addition to our herb garden. Yes, they're not a herb but who'd argue for them to not be there. Daffodils can pull spaces together in spring.


Even those that have been there awhile can make you smile each time you pass them and if you plant varieties that stretch from February to April you can find joy everywhere in the garden for three months. Nothing says spring or Easter like these jolly yellow flowers. They are the sun waiting to return.

gardening, life on pig row

If you're thinking of planting some next year, you can find a film here to help you or watch it below.


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