Laying the Paths

Back in 2012, goodness how time flies - five years ago - we laid some temporary cottage garden paths with these bricks. These bricks come from our old kitchen, two walls that did nothing but make the space damp. It would have cost a fortune to ditch them in a skip (we needed roughly three at £165 a pop), so we decided they would make good temporary paths until we had lived with the garden for some time and decided on how to use them. We considered at one point using them for good, sturdy coldframes but when you do that you can't move your coldframe around. So, after we laid some of them through the cottage garden, we decided that the field area could do with some permanent paths after our decision to get rid of them a few years back and rename the allotment, the field

gardening, path laying, pig row

The problems with the field experiment was that we did need paths and those paths would inevitably end up covered in weeds, yes we could have laid bark paths but our plan was to change the configuration of the paths each year. Except that this made it difficult when it came to the end of August and cutting the hedges. Cutting hedges here takes around two weeks. So, we have decided to reintroduce paths, echoing the front herb garden with sinuous shapes will move up the garden and into Carol's new garden by the shed -- more on that later. We may run out of bricks, so we're laying them down, getting them off the beds so they can be cultivated once more and we can see how many more bricks we need. So, over the next few months we may be skip diving, keeping our eyes open for bricks across the area. Donate bricks if you have them!


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