Celebrating the Victorian Kitchen Garden

We've always been a fan of looking back at gardening from the past, from our Wartime Garden leaflet series to the Victorian Kitchen Garden. It's safe to say that we have a fond spot for Harry Dodson and 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of when the series was first aired. Our love of old gardens has led us to work in the Hopwood garden and each piece of the jigsaw we find about that garden more pieces fall into place at children, and grandchildren, of past gardeners come forward to tell us stories of glasshouses full of geraniums and beds full of vegetables. We could be nostalgic about the Victorian Kitchen Garden, we could relive each episode and try out the techniques but that would just be mimicking Harry and Peter. You can watch the series for that.

victorian kitchen garden, gardening

To celebrate the 30th anniversary we want to look at the techniques and history of gardening in the Victorian era, we will trek into the Edwardian garden and show how gardening changed beyond recognition in what was a volatile age, where folklore gave way to science, and a few crack pot ideas along the way. So, join us, Mr Beeton, John Loudon, Mrs Loudon and many more as we look at the forgotten world of the Victorian Garden over the coming months.


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