Leek Trial: May Update

Back in April we started our leek trial. Here on Pig Row we are not adverse to doing trials, we've done sweet peas, meadows and courgettes over the years. We like to look at what seed packets promise and what they actually deliver, and you'd be surprised how variable seed can be from year to year and what happens at 1333 feet above sea level. So, two weeks after sowing which leek seeds are doing the best?

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Well, at present de Carentan 2 (from Lidl) has great germination. Most of the pot is filling with leek seedlings, those wonderful spindly chive like plants snaking up through the pot until the pot should be a veritable plain of leeks.

how to grow leeks, gardening, life on pig row

Blue Solaise (from Kings) isn't doing as well, germination is spotty but there are signs across the compost that the seedlings are coming.


Northern Lights F1 (from Thompson & Morgan) again is spotty but there wasn't much seed to start with in the F1 packet. Each pot has had the same amount of water, the same compost and the same protection from frosts. All our leeks are in a greenhouse but as we zoom through May, it is the Lidl packet of seeds that is coming out on top. It's early days and we'll see what will happen as the month closes. Do remember that good germination doesn't always mean good plants. We'll see as June flames in.


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