More Path Laying Through The Cottage Garden

Oh hell, we're running out of bricks in the Pig Row garden. We may just make it through the cottage garden and to do that we are frantically taking half bricks and slotting them, taking out full bricks to use elsewhere. It doesn't even look like we'll have enough to reach the greenhouse. It may be a chance to go skip diving this week and look out for some more. 


The great thing about this path though is that it brings real warmth to the cottage garden and makes it easier to get through the garden but still means we can get a wheelbarrow down when we need to, that was the problem with the old paths, they were too thin and rather too bumpy. These, though being laid loose, will be laid with military precision from hardcore to dry mix for the cracks.


When we have all the bricks in place, we'll show you how to lay them. Even now, Andrew is out there putting plants in place and has come up with a cunning use for our tyres alongside the path to plant more strawberries.


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