The Victorian Kitchen Garden: Harry Dodson Comes Home

As you know over the last couple of months we have embraced the history behind the wonderful BBC television series The Victorian Kitchen Garden, from cucumbers to currants we have started to delve into the books and articles that threaded through the TV series. It was a joy to learn earlier this month that the remains of Harry Dodson have been returned home after his death. 

The photos include shots of: the new gravestone (which also commemorates Harry's mother and his late wife, 'Jane', who, I suspect, is still remembered by people in the Chilton area); flowers brought from Chilton (grown in the walled garden, of course); flowers from the 'Victorian Kitchen Garden' team; and a passage from Kipling's 'The Glory of the Garden', hand-written by Jennifer Davies which, she said, Harry used to quote. The stone vase in the general view of the grave is the original memorial to Harry's mother, who died in 1963.

On his death his ashes remained with the undertaker who had no instructions on where they were to be buried. Only recently has it been established that he wished for his ashes to be buried in his mother’s grave at St Matthew’s Church. It's nice to see that Harry has come home.


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