Herb Growing in Autumn

So five days ago we set ourselves the task of growing a 69p packet of coriander from the supermarket as autumn herbs. Many of us see coriander seed on supermarket shelves but very few of us realise that as a cheap, quick crop, they are worth growing. We plan to show you how even as the light dwindles, you can use your windowsill and your central heated home to produce modest harvests for the winter larder or even have fresh herbs on Christmas Day. Our trial also embraces growing in a peat free medium from Dalefoot Composts. We're using Wool Compost for Vegetables and Salads at £10.99 a bag. This may make you mop your brow but let's face facts, many three bag deals of peat heavy composts are pushing the £15 mark and some peat free composts are more brash than cultured compost. We have spent many a day sieving peat free composts to get something that we can grow in. The same can be said of some composts containing peat. We have found everything from the forest floor to plastic in our compost bags. The compost we got from the council was the worst, poorly composted and full of material that we bagged up and took back to the tip. So, Dalefoot is a welcome change, no sieving and straight into the pot for sowing our supermarket seed. We water once as the labeling on the bag clearly states that their compost retains water well, and this is true, even after a hot day, the compost is not dried out, neither is it saturated and within a few days we see growth and by day five we are here.

Growing supermarket herb seed, cheap and tasty.

This is an improvement on the growth we've had in coir and there is no capping on the surface of the soil. Let's see how we go on as we move from seed leaf to true leaf to first harvest.


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