All Hail The Pudding!

It's always nice to meet people who agree with what you are doing. Yesterday, this pudding here got some excited likes and a lot of views in the first five minutes of it being live. Pudding is something you eat when the weather turns cold, no one ever says, 'Let's have a hot dessert'. It somehow seems wrong, as if desserts are left behind in the heat of summer, that it comes with lashings of ice cream or double cream, it doesn't come with custard. For us custard comes powdered, we know that may make some of you faint away but we are children of the seventies and eighties, and no one around our way ever grabbed an egg and said, 'Let's knock up a souffle'. Real custard was on the same shelf as meringues and souffles. They didn't stock them in the corner shop but they did stock that powdered stuff that magically transformed itself into something you could stand a spoon up in, and which you could eat hot or cold. In a world obsessed by the size of our waistlines, a real pudding is way to stick two fingers up to the fashionistas and health junkies, the mums in sports clothes at the school gate who cling to their lattes and run screaming if you get out some spotted dick (for those of you outside the UK, spotted dick is a steamed pudding, along with roly poly, and neither one will bring anything to the bedroom that won't ruin your sheets). Puddings are the joy of seasonal food, of the summer harvest laid down for winter from blackberry cobbler to your own apples saved for homemade mince pies at Christmas (25 days and counting).

All Hail The Pudding!

Homemade mince pies

A pudding is quintessentially something you have to lick off your fingers and something that you are never ashamed to ask, 'Is there any left?' So raise your bowls to the air and say, 'All hail the pudding!' Let's celebrate the beauty of seasonal food and hiding a few pounds under a thick jumper, remember it is cold outside so embrace the warmth of a pudding and if you can't do that, knock up a Chelsea bun with a twist.

Chelsea bun

And, if that doesn't float your boat and you are yelling at your screen, 'I don't have a sweet tooth', there are savoury puddings too, just substitute the custard for onion gravy.

Puddings are not always sweet


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