Snowbee One-Kenobi

Little D, like most children, loves snow; you can see his adoration of snow in the film at the end of this post, Little D chucks himself in to the snow after a few feet rather than sledge the remainder of the hillside. So when the naming of several new gritters came up in a competition, Little D chucked his idea for a name into the virtual hat with thousands of others and came out top with his creation. Meaning that one of a new fleet of gritters will be called, Snowbee One-Kenobi.

Star Wars gritter

Here is posing with the gritter, eager to take it for a spin.

Little D and the force

Finally, he asks for a group shot with the newest member of the family which we have been told to watch out for throughout the winter.

Obi Wan Kenobi has a gritter

He's one happy boy and he got the morning off school to see it, so it was a double bonus. Little D is now hoping for a winter that will cover our hillside, and allow his beloved gritter to hove into view.


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