Holidays Are Coming

The second snow of the season is upon us and the promise of foot deep snows drifts give way to thirty minutes of sledging on a Sunday. We wake on Saturday morning to see pink clouds drift over the valley below, though you can't see the valley due to the fog that has buried it.

Holidays are coming

By evening and the snow is deep and crisp, and heaving under the wheels of cars that have forgotten how to drive in it. Seriously, a high gear and gunning the accelerator just means you spin on the spot. Try a low gear and a gentle tap on the petrol pedal, and if you're travelling down hill and start to slide, go with it, steer into it but kiss your chances of stopping it goodbye. Someone asked us once if we pray when this happens, our reply is, well you can do that because your hands on the steering wheel are doing nothing to stop the inevitable. As if to bring this home, a few minutes after we trudge home in the snow there is an accident at the junction by the pub and a car meets the inevitable wall and comes to a sickening halt. Fortunately the driver is okay but shaken. Some people don't expect this, and sure enough we have got used to winters being mild and we're not even officially in winter yet. Already, as we write this, the temperature gauge is at -10c but it feels colder, even coming home from work, trying to clean the windscreen with the windscreen washer results in icicles on the windscreen.
Winter snow

By Sunday and the fog is with us, so we climb into the loft and say we're not doing this again, next year the tree will be stored under our bed, it's safer and less chilly. The tree goes up and there is a feeling among all the ice, snow and fog that they holidays are coming.

Father Christmas


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