Another Plan, Another Year, A Real Reason

Carol has been taking care of the garden over the last summer, from harvest to hedge cutting, she even got her hand in on the pointing in the kitchen. This is all down to Andrew falling over summer and having to concentrate on his physio to get his spine back to somewhere he can walk with ease and comfort. Sadly though, the couch grass has crept back in and the main food growing area in the garden has suffered another mild winter - even the snow hasn't been as deep as it normally is - this means weeds and pests have thrived. So, we have sat down and discussed height hedge, we're making them shorter but in return we have decided to change this area of the garden as a test garden for raised beds to help us both.

Another Plan, Another Year, A Real Reason

The winter months are ideal for making these changes, a chance to look back over the last few years and even in three years it has developed, it's unrecognizable.

Gardens change, see how

The old shed is gone, the polytunnel blew away and yes we have plans for a second greenhouse still and the polytunnel has been replaced by a chicken run - the chicken manure will come in very handy for the raised beds. We have even moved the paths across, pushing the fruit patch closer to the house and expanding how much fruit we have but it is time to map out new beds.

Drawing a garden out helps you

You can see above that we have gone initially for 4x5 foot beds. Easy to tend from two foot paths, we could have gone for U shaped beds, minimised the amount of paths but we decided it will make it easier for both of us. Drawing a garden out helps you to decide where everything should go, so for us we have a large chicken run to the North, a small one to the South for ill birds or birds we need to isolate or even a brood of silkies. Tucked beside are the compost heaps and then eight beds tucked in between. We are thinking beds that are 30cm-60cm high, we want to mix them up to allow air to still flow around easily. We'll see if this work as we are using recycled wood from the house and hope this will keep the costs down. So, have a go drawing out your own garden, just measure it first and then measure it again (always measure twice) and then sit down, translate it to page, draw it from above, you can even try a side sketch but sometimes a little simplicity beats hands down.


  1. Excellent move! I’m early retired because of a really dodgy back, and when I moved to my present house nearly four years ago I put in raised beds. They’ve made a massive difference (though construction, when you can only carry a third of a bucketful of soil at a time, was a bit tedious).
    8 beds looks sensible for crop rotation. I only have five, and what-goes-where-next-year is always a puzzle. I did this year’s sketchplan yesterday, though I doubt it will survive contact with “the enemy” (slugs, storms, and seeds that don’t germinate).
    Thanks for the inspiring blog!

  2. Hello, I've been here a few times. Always great to read posts! Hope to see your paper layout plan turn real someday.