Snow Fall and the Snow Parrot

Snow has been threatening us for several days now. It comes with malice as we set out to do something, it creeps in during the night and we wake to a white out but the roads have been rolled up and cleaned so we can still get to work but come our first holiday in awhile and the roads are left pinned down overnight to silently fill up.

snow, saddleworth, pig row

uk weather, snowing

It snows for the entire day, not heavy but soft enough to lay down a thick layer that clings to the windows of our house and to the walls outside our windows.

Snow, uk weather

As we trek up to get eggs we see that something has been in the garden which causes a debate, fox, cat or badger on stilts? Whatever it is has easily climbed our back wall and vanished onto the moor.

paw prints in the snow


With the snow comes Andrew's old problems with his back, arthritis sets in, turning him into one of those magic tricks where the magician places someone from the audience into a box, seals them in and then splits the box into three so the head is where the feet should be, the legs waggling in the air and the hands in shocked repose. With Andrew though it is like the trick has gone wrong and they forgot to put back the middle box and now he is all head and feet, feet that easily slip at this time of year so he is told to stay home and watch us from the bedroom going up and down the hill on a sledge.

Sledging, UK weather

D wants to bring Andrew something back, so he builds a snowman in the field, a small doll like effigy that he cradles back to the house in his arms.

snow man, snow building

Now the snowman is a snow dragon but Andrew thinks it looks more like a parrot. No dead parrot sketches, please. It's not dead, it's merely frozen.

monty python, dead parrot

Over night, the parrot droops and falls from its perch, by morning there is no sign of it, no paw prints in the snow left to say that it has been taken. We set out once more to do a job and the heavens open, and the snow falls. That night we dream of sowing seed.


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