D's Seeds Are Growing

The sowing of seed is always a delicate thing in March. It is a month of extremes, spring tries to take hold and winter bites back. D watches on a daily basis how his chillies and tomatoes are growing, we have bagged the chilli trays, making them warmer and cosseted against the extremes of the month but day drags into day. D becomes worried and then one morning we hear a cry from downstairs.

tomatoes, growing, pig row

We take the stairs two at a time, thinking awful things have happened in the front room but D is stood there, finger pointing at his tomato tray and there are seedlings.

how to, tomatoes

Delighted isn't in it, this is how he responds when he is told that he will have tomatoes this summer, tomatoes that he has grown for the first time.

child, smile

Therein lies the wonders of growing your own, and the realisation that we should all have a go at growing something once in our lifetime.


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