D’s Seeds: An Important Message

This blog post comes courtesy of D who wants you all to know something. 'Hello, this is D, these are the best tomatoes ever and will taste great. It was fun growing them and they have grown well. I think they will be very big like trees. The tomatoes will taste gorgeous, and I will eat them slowly and slurpingly. I am going to cook tomato, pizza sauce and pasta dishes'.

D’s Seeds: An Important Message

Which translated means, he went to the window to check up on the growth of his seedlings and yelled, 'Look at these tomatoes, baby!'

Tomato seedlings

D wants everyone to grow tomatoes this year and share them with him on our page, you can find how D sowed them here, along with a short film on how to fill a seed tray, which he edited.


  1. Thank you D for sharing your enthusiasm for gardening and especially for sharing your experiences in growing tomatoes šŸ…