Painting The Table

We have been busy oiling the top of our new table made out of our old larder door. Here's a shot of Andrew doing the oiling, it has had five coats of oil that require 24 hours of drying time between each coat, which takes patience and space, meaning that this part of the kitchen has been tip toed around to stop us from catching the top as it dries. We'll reveal what it really looks like tomorrow on our Facebook Page.

Oiling a table

Thankfully, paint takes only 4 hours to dry which means we have been able to speed through the base of the table. Two coats of undercoat for table, kitchen cabinets and skirting board around the table. It means when the table is finished we can put our new larder contents on the table and crack on with painting that. 

Johnsons Undercoat

Kitchen cabinet and belfast sink

We are using Farrow and Ball for our wood paint, this is Lime White, an off white colour that is really forgiving when it comes to food spills as it is eggshell and easy to wipe down. We find Farrow and Ball goes far compared to some other wood paints and the colours are often warmer than other paints out there. Yes, it's not cheap but cheap paint doesn't always mean quality and we have been caught out with cheap paint in the past. Paint that dried and flaked after a few weeks, paint that never bonded to the wood and in one case, paint that never dried.

Farrow and Ball Lime White Estate Eggshell

A good undercoat pays dividends too and we use Johnsons for this, two coats minimum and always remember when painting cabinet doors to take them off so you can actually paint the edges too.

Johnson's Undercoat

Visit us on Facebook tomorrow for the big table reveal or come back on Wednesday to see it on the blog. You can follow Life on Pig Row on our Facebook Page, via twitter or subscribe to our how to films on our YouTube Channel or follow the links at the top of this page. Good gardening. Good food. Good life.


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