Finding A Place for Strawberries

As we clear out the old field area we find strawberry plant after strawberry plant that escaped the old fruit patch. The strawberries loved it there until the hedges got taller and thicker, then we decided to move them to a new area and these old strawberries were neglected, forgotten and allowed to spread the way strawberries do with ankle catching runners everywhere. Well, enough is enough of all that rampant promiscuity in the old fruit patch, we have raised beds to build and many a weed to shift but it doesn't mean throwing the baby out with the bath water. We have instead potted up the best of the runners, composted the very old crowns; you are advised to do this with any strawberry plant over four years old. Then we had to decide were to put them.

Old path

Carol decided enough was enough with old path behind the house, which has become a dumping ground for building materials and wood for chopping. The other day I found her down there bagging up old piping from the old bathroom, it has been earmarked for the tip and will not be kept by me for a projects that may never happen. My hoarding has been called out and now I have no shed of my own to hide them in, I will wave goodbye to those odd ends of flex pipe etc etc. Frankly, I have no idea what she has thrown away of what was there. An old sink is now full of hostas, all the old stone and concrete flags have been stacked and she has created a pathway through in which no one will be killed or mugged by mice. Therefore, as we are taking things away I added something, all those strawberries, no one can argue with that. I am now hiding in the orchard.

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  1. "Rampant promiscuity," is now one of my favorite gardening phrases. Thanks for this! :)