How Does Your Orchard Grow?

It's been six years since we planted the first phase of our orchard and there has been ups and downs. We lost the Greengage quite early on to an awful winter, the Apple Balsam succumbed to canker and the Damson Merryweather just keeled over and died. Six years on and we have to look at what is working and what is not. 

Apple Blossom, LOPR

The Apple Keswick Codling this year is flush with blossom but the Apple Hunthouse, taken by Captain Cook across the world as his favourite apple has never been a roaring success. It has largely sulked and the replacement for the Greengage, Apple James Grieve, is not doing much better either. Apple Fillingham is also fighting off canker and we have come to the realisation that anything by the mixed hedge isn't happy. See Andrew talk about it in the film below. So, plans are afoot to rip out these trees next winter. To make new plans for this part of the orchard and to move the James Grieve and Fillingham out into the wider garden. So, we have gone from this original plan.

Gardening notebook

To something a little more different over the last few years. We have a pear that replaced the Damson but neither one of us can find the up to date plan for that area, so we have no idea, I think it is Comice. We will see. The Plum Belle du Louvain has never flowered or even borne plums but plum trees like this can take up to six years to get going, it's had six years and has grown strong but no fruit. This may get the chop soon.

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