Staining The New Coop

After a dull start, the sun is with us and today we are pushing forward with our chicken plans. We've had them for eighteen months now, we had to overcome the aggression of a Sussex White cockerel; it pecked D badly and ended up being given away to someone more experienced, they ended up cooking him. This was an option for us but at that point D was barely six and it would have been a conversation we'd be having forty years later. Like my sister and that bunny rabbit in the box which ended up in a stew. We started small in our chicken enterprise, just the two of them, and Carol has become the chief chicken keeper. We know this because they ignore me and eat everything but what I give them but Mrs Cluckerbuck and Gene Simmons have settled into a new way of life, if only they'd weed the places I want weeded.


We've built them a new run and when it's finished, we hope to get four more hens to join them in their new coop, which today we've stained. Well, Carol stained and I did backseat driving and kept pointing out parts she'd missed.

Chicken coop

The second coat is going on soon and then it's all hands to the chicken wire to cover the whole coop.

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