Stop Mowing That Grass

It's safe to say that we have more of hate-love relationship with grass at Pig Row, rather than love-hate; grass to us is just a successful weed that causes problems by spreading into borders and growing areas. We particularly, like you, hate couch grass but we haven't much love for the rest of it as for us it is synonymous with middle-aged/older men with mowers and go faster stripes on their lawns. Let's face it, if you lie on it you get a rash, if you mow you get wheezy and sneeze; hitting your head on the mower's handle and knocking yourself out as the mower putters on, moments later turning around onto you and mulching you in some horrific horror style movie ending. We're being a bit OTT there but you get the drift, which is what grass at it's best does. We should treat lawns as we treat ornamental grasses, as something to grow tall and something that allows in native plants and some garden escapees. We don't hate grass, we just hate how we insist they should be lawns.

Alternative meadows.

With that in mind a few years ago we ditched mowing the entire orchard and opted for just mowing paths to see what would self seed into our orchard grass and the results are getting better every year. Remember, that this is not a traditional meadow, we are not seeking to takeaway fertility (the removal of grass cuttings etc) because we need to feed the trees and the results in fruit this year just shows that no one should mow an orchard. Andrew takes you through what is there in this film and shows you the amount of apples we will have this year. 

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