What Do You Do With Weeds?

We have had a problem with weeds, largely down to Andrew having a fall last year and our greatest weeder being out of commission for several months. The old adage, 'one year's seed is seven years' weeds' is true. We are inundated with herb robert this year, which is nice in small patches but it can be a thug, and a myriad of grass, which we hate. Grass is the greatest weed we have, it just has good PR. The problem is when you get to this point with weeds is that putting all these weeds in a compost bin will soon fill it full, and you won't get the layers; we like layers of green, brown and chicken manure, that really gets things heated. So, what do you do with weeds?


This is a nifty idea we picked up along the way, the make do and mend ethos firmly in us. We pack old tyres with weeds. We noticed a few years ago when the sun was high and the tyres got wet, they steamed, this meant that anything in them was warm, and the soil does get warm in any raised bed; a tyre full of annual weeds cooks nicely in the mid day sun. This is not some kind of daft idea but it is something born out of our hugelkultur bed from last year, the idea of using the decay of plant material to benefit the growth of new plants, from bacterial life to heat. The idea behind it is simple, the weeds go in, packed tight and watered, the decaying process starts and as the volume of material goes down, more weeds are packed in. The whole lot is then capped with a thick layer of mulch/garden compost and annual flowers are planted in. Bye bye weeds, hello lovely flowers that edge our proposed new path and the great thing about rubber tyres, if Andrew falls again, they will to some extent cushion him more than brick.


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