How to Collect Seed (Film)

The collecting of seed is a very simple but over complicated action in the garden. Like the harvesting or cutting of flowers, each job has its moment and in the film below, Andrew shows you how to collect chive seed but this method can be used on everything from lupins to sunflowers, to beetroot and carrots. Collect your own seed and enjoy the process which is free and abundant in nature.

Chive seed

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  1. Useful video Andrew, thanks. I’ve just some seeds from cosmos dazzlers using that method but with a bit more elbow grease! Do I have to store them warm & dry or does that not matter? Thanks, Sarah.

    1. Hi Sarah, don’t know if you will get this as you commented anonymously. We store all our collected seed in a dry box indoors. This is to keep the moisture levels down and prevent mould. Hope that helps, Andrew at LOPR.