Tomatoes, Potatoes and Marigolds, Oh My!

I doubt Dorothy would have left Oz if faced with what is coming out of our garden this summer. She would have rolled up her sleeves and dug in to what have been the sweetest and tastiest tomatoes we have had in a long time. Maybe it is down to the fine summer we are having or the hydroponics system we are running but either way, our Opal and Apperitif cherry tomatoes have been wolfed down with basil and cheese, and sometimes naked from the plant; we mean the tomatoes not us but that greenhouse has been very hot some days.


Our changing growing methods this year has seen us squeeze new growing spaces out in the herb garden as we build new beds in the field area - seriously, we choose the best growing year to carve off a third of our plot to bring it up to speed, I hope next year that we have this weather again (there I have said it, blame me for the crap summer of 2019). We have opted this year to plant ALL our spuds in bags, these too are putting on lots of growth and we hope this is repeated below the soil level.

Potato sacks

Maybe, it's because we've opted for new organic fertilisers also that has brought on an improvement in everything we are growing. The old fig is happy in its new pot and is even happier with the marigolds around its roots. Never have we seen such floriferous show than this summer, for every flower we dead head, three replace it and the bees are loving it. We have even had a hummingbird moth in our garden whizzing around our heads and over our plants. 

French marigolds

Here's to what remains of summer, there's no lions, tigers or bears, oh my! Just tomatoes, potatoes and marigolds, OH MY!

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