Hedge Cutting

There is autumn in the air and the first signs in the hedges. Leaves are turning to russet as the shears go over them, cutting the hedges into a wedge shape; thin at the top, fat at the bottom. Cutting hedges is a seasonal job, last year after a nasty fall in the garden, Carol and D took control as I laid down on the ground taking the occasional photo, lamenting my buggered back. This year I am taking my time. It has taken me three weeks to get to this final hornbeam hedge and there is a hundred feet of hawthorn and hazel to go. This was not cut last year and time is dwindling to get them back into shape. This will be an exercise in loppers and it'll look worst at first but next spring it will be okay. However, I have a confession, I like the lazy lapping way the hawthorn has when left alone, the turn of blossom to berry before the shears come out. Maybe I will leave it alone for another year but the gardener inside me knows that I will end up with trees and gaps in the hedge and then it will be about how to lay it once more and start again. I can enjoy it while it lasts.

Hedge, Life on Pig Row

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