The Rise of A Showgirl

Her name was Lola, she was a...chicken. The most meek and mild hen there wasn't. In terms of pecking order she came squarely at the bottom or so we thought so. Then came the last of our four chickens, Lord Garmadon (yes, guess which Lego fan named that one) and then free frilly ladies or the Speckledys or as we call them, the Bob collective. They all look alike and any pretense at giving them individual names; Martha, Amelia and Rose (again, spot the Dr Who fan) soon faded when one us named them the Bob collective. This week has seen the final step in introducing all our flock together. We have a hen for each day and cockerel to keep them in check.

Chickens, life on pig row

Speckledys, life on pig row, chickens

It went well at first, it wasn't as violent as last time. Then one of the Bob's squared up to Gene our cockerel and faced him down, all hell broke loose as the mild mannered Lola swung into action. This timid but large Bluebell, didn't just beat the living daylights out of the Bob collective she actually took a leaf off Lord Garmadon and ate it but first she did a victory lap around the run as if to say, 'This is my cockerel, you keep your hands off him'. For months we have thought Mrs Cluckerbuck, our original Warren was top hen, seems that is not so anymore, seems she has been pushed off the top perch after she tried to exceed her authority a month ago when the Bluebell and Black Rock, Princess Layer, were introduced. We watch them for awhile, it literally becomes like a smack down in WWF with Lola flinging herself off the top of the hen house onto the new chickens, if she had a fold up chair there would be broken bones. It doesn't take long for Lord Garmadon (who we call Lordie) to know which side her corn is buttered on and she abandons the Bob collective. Tonight as we go up to shut them in we find her curled up in a nest box with Gene. The Bob collective are on the roof of the hen house too afraid to go in, even though it's getting dark but they're easy to catch now, hoping for a long cuddle before being thrown into the den of the showgirl, who hums to herself on the perch, waiting for them to step out of the chorus line.

Chickens, Black Rock, Speckledys, Warren, Bluebell, Life on Pig Row

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