How Long Does It Take To Do A Bedroom?

How long does it take to do a bedroom? Four years ago we decided that our bedroom was beyond it's best, it had survived a rewire, a baby's cot, a toddler dashing around and all the fluids that go with a small boy being ill. The carpet wasn't just thrown away, it grew away after years of spilled drinks and oops moments, courtesy of D. We'd been saving for years to start on the first phase of remodeling our bedroom. 'Remodeling' is an euphemism for knocking things down, sending enough dust into the air to make you feel like a forty a day smoker and coating all your furniture around the house in a fine sheen of dust for months. For those smug people who tell you that they didn't live in their house whilst converting it, we hate you, may you still be finding wood shavings in your knickers for years to come. For the rest of us mere cash strapped mortals, you know it is a game of shuffling furniture from room to room, taping plastic sheets over doors in a pointless exercise of containing dust. Which you inevitably dust from room to room. We started with a bedroom that looked like this, straight out of little old lady land. It was functional but largely crumbling beneath the wallpaper, damp wasn't in it, silver fish abounded in places and you could hear the carpet bugs munching away during the night.

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We moved the door to the left to make a bigger bathroom, we literally had a corridor that ran to nowhere and the imagination that one day we'd here a dull thud as D forgot to stop and turn. Then came stud wall work, insulation board, plasterboard, coughing and plastering, coughing and sneezing. To get to place that was basically a shell. Then our handyman came in, we know that sounds very middle class but we have to face facts, if we take time off what we are doing, we earn no money and frankly we have skills but not these skills. Some skills are better handed over to people who know what they are doing rather than paying someone else more money to sort out your mistakes. Our handyman, Glyn, has seen our son grow up, he's amazed at how much the house has changed, he has seen it turn from a mess to this.

Bookshelves, life on pig row, pig row

You wouldn't believe it was the same room, and furniture we have not used for eight years has come out to play in a new quiet reading corner.

bookshelves, chair, old chair, life on pig row, pig row

Sometimes getting a room right takes patience, courage and around four years without any internal doors so you have to whistle whilst you're on the toilet.

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  1. Lovely bookcase! You must be so pleased to be done with this project.