Building A Bird Box

D is building a bird box today. The construction is simple from 150mm wide wood (6 inches approx), the back piece is 300mm long, the two side pieces are 250mm long, the roof is 200mm long and the bottom is 115mm long (you may have to cut some off this depending on the width of wood you use, we are using what is leftover from our new book cases). You will want to drill the screw holes first and some drainage holes in the bottom piece to stop it from rotting.

Bird box

Remember we are using soft wood and will treat these before putting them in the garden, we will also drill an additional hole in the back plate so we can attached to posts, walls and sheds. The slit is around 50mm deep so everything up to a sparrow will love this box.

bird box, life on pig row

The roof is flat, this means rain after painting won't get in but if you are worried, seal the join between the roof and the back plate with a some sealant. We have never had any problems with flat roofs on bird boxes and it means this is a simple and easy design for kids to get involved with and construct. It didn't take long after drilling these holes to put the screws in, D got to use a drill and he was thrilled. There's no need to drill a bird hole as this is a simple slit bird box which means it easy to clean out and maintain compared to the bird hole boxes. You can see how happy D is with his handy work.

Children building a bird box

We even caught a tiny bit on film too, which you can see below and hear Andrew taking over when D is supposed to be doing it all. 


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