Unboxing: Real Seeds

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It's important that when we buy seeds that we understand that we are entering into an agreement with nature. We are stating that we will sow seed, grow seed and appreciate what it gives us and what it gives to nature. In the twenty-first century we face a world that is destined to change from the soil upwards, extinction has happened and continues to happen; we know that the food we eat, the water we drink, has been polluted by big industry and by plastics, and finally by us. However, if we fail to challenge or discuss everything we do as gardeners, we are doomed only to join bandwagon after bandwagon from organic compost to plastic plant pots. Those rallying calls that fall short of the final aim. We need to start at the beginning as growers, and that starts with seed. So, from now on we will take you from the moment the seeds arrive, to the final moment when we eat our produce or collect our seed. We want to do more of that from now on, to make sure the seed we grow comes from the hillside we tend. We need to challenge how we buy seeds, how we collect seeds, how we receive seeds and encourage seed producers to rise to a modern challenge, a necessary challenge in a world increasingly sinking into apathy. At Life on Pig Row we are starting simple, we are looking at the seeds we receive* and how they are packaged, it's called unboxing but in our books it's called common sense. It's not about attacking seed producers but showing growers what seed producers are doing, and then letting growers decide where to buy. For in the end, it is your garden, your choice, your planet.

*Any seed unboxed has been purchased by LOPR. No agreement for advertising has been undertaken for these posts. No seed producer has been told beforehand what will happen. What we are receiving is what you could be receiving also.


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