The Salad Windowbox

For those who want to get ahead of the game or just have a small space it is time to consider the most maligned planters, the windowbox. Usurped somewhat by the hanging basket, the windowbox gave growers of every ability to grow something both inside and outside their windows. Though the weather is fickle at the moment, anything grown in a modern centrally heated home on a sunny windowsill will be like growing in a greenhouse in spring, pleasurable and rewarding. The idea for this lovely little box was provided to us by Veg in the Park, Oldham. They fit in four square pots over used butter cartons, to catch any drips from when you water. There is a mix here of rocket and salad leaves, planted in multipurpose as seeds, and though it may not give you a huge salad, it is a way to get kids, senior citizens, people with disabilities (like myself) and everyone else growing. I have never been a fan of houseplants but houseplants you can eat? I'm there. So, why not have a go at growing some rocket on a windowsill before spring starts?

The Salad Windowbox, life on pig row

Salad box

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