Unboxing: Seeds of Italy

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Last month we looked at unboxing Real Seeds as we pointed out then this is not an attack on some great seed providers but it is an area we should be discussing as gardeners. We've also looked at some of the bigger seed providers who should be leading the way in creating packaging that is sustainable and fully recyclable. One of these has been D.T. Brown and you can hear our views on them here*. It's great that gardeners across the UK are starting to turn their backs on plastic pots, a big problem in how we buy and grow plants, but we now need to embrace a more sustainable stance in gardening to lead the way in the UK of what is, and what should be acceptable and that starts with seeds and ends with compost. So, this year we will look at a couple of seed providers and rate how they are doing, where they can improve and ask why as an industry where seeds and bulb sales are worth around £354 million more hasn't been done to create packaging that is sustainable and recyclable. Today, we're looking at Seeds of Italy*.

*Any seed unboxed has been purchased by LOPR. No agreement for advertising has been undertaken for these posts. No seed producer has been told beforehand what will happen. What we are receiving is what you could be receiving also.


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