Potting Up Dahlias

Once the epitome of chic in the nineteen fifties and sixties, dahlias adorned front gardens across suburbia but as time trod on, those dahlia growers and their gardens were seen as stuffy, old fashioned and as about as cutting edge as dandruff. Dahlias sadly passed out of gardens for several decades until they came back at RHS Chelsea over a decade ago and the gardening world fell in love with them once more. Dahlias are still seen as too fussy by many growers, sensitive to frost, prone to earwigs, they have largely been ignored by many but they are a wonderful addition to any late season garden border. So, how do you grow them?


We're going to take you step by step in how to plant your tubers. A dahlia grows from a tuber and some tubers are even edible. Watch the film below and join Andrew as he takes you through compost, pots and tubers, and how by checking for diseases you could help the men in your life check for health problems.

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