Making Planters From Tyres

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A few years ago we were given a load of tyres by our car mechanic friend. He literally bit our hand off when we asked if he had any going and he brought us around thirty of them. We have kept care of them over the years and they have had everything in them from carrots to spuds. When I took a tumble back in 2017 we sat down as a family and discussed my long term disabled needs. The problem with my disability is that it is not obvious straightaway, I am not in a wheelchair (but have been), I do use a stick but only when I am on medication to take the pressure off my spine. I can't be operated on as it is too great a risk, I have to minimise the damage to what is left of one of my discs in my back and that means no lifting. This has led to me starting a new garden, Geoff's Garden, in memory of my Dad to save my back by turning to raised beds. However, back in 2017 after my fall we said something had to be done about the paths and work. I went part time at work and started thinking smart in the garden. Back in my thirties when we first took on the house we replicated what we did at Drovers (our old garden), we used reclaimed bricks to make our paths. They looked great but weren't wide enough and that led to me falling and hurting myself. We're now in the process of lifting them and replacing with gravel and bark on wider paths, easier to fall on. However, the edge of paths can be tricky and that's where we struck on the idea of tyres. We have taken those thirty tyres and placed them by the steepest paths in the garden creating herb and strawberry planters in the cottage garden but we needed something just as we enter and leave the potager. We decided that maybe it would be nice when accidentally falling to fall into something aromatic, in came herb planter tyres.

Tyres as planters, Life on Pig Row

The idea is very simple, we've laid the tyres by the edge of the new paths and dug out the paths after removing the old bricks, placing the soil into the tyres. That means we waste none of the goodness we have built up in the old field vegetable garden over the years, it doesn't end up being buried under gravel or bark. Even the old bricks will become steps in the potager so we don't lose the gravel when it rains. 

Mint, tyre, life on pig row

Oregano, disabled gardener

We're planting up the tyres with a mix of soft herbs, in this case, the Garden Mint (Mentha spicata) we split up in the herb garden last month and Oregano (Origanum vulgare) which we grew from seed and have brought on in pots. We want these herbs to flower to encourage bees into the potager. We have six tyres remaining and these too will be planted with an array of herbs and flowers.

Tyre planters

You can see the herbs in their final place by the rhubarb patch and below you can see how we have done this in the cottage garden with chives. You can see the old brick paths which will be replaced by gravel here in the next few months.


I am not saying in this post that I will fall again but I have to be smart now in my gardening and that means finding solutions to my disability.

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