Potager Arch

Last year I put up the garden arch in the potager, Geoff's Garden, at the time Carol and I wondered about how anything could scramble up it as there was little support beyond the frame. Originally, we'd planned for three arches but this seemed a bit of an overkill in such a small space. The whole potager measures around 286 sq feet (this is down from 7260 sq feet we used in 2010) and three arches may have made it look crowded, so we plumped for making two garden obelisks to create symmetry in the potager. However, we still had the sticky problem of how plants could get a firm grip on this ornate arch. Then we remembered that we still had chicken wire left over from making the new run, thus again proving that sometimes it's good to hold onto things in the garden and not go in for the 'chuck it out' way of growing. 

 Garden arch

Chicken wire is never easy to handle and rather than lay it out and it inevitably ping back and take an eye out I decided it was easier to keep it on the roll and cut off the width needed. I used an old pair of secateurs to do this, it's not advised to use a new pair because the wire does dent the blade but if you have an old pair then they are good to go to do this if you do not possess wire cutters. It was then simply a case of marrying the cut chicken wire section up to the arch and tying on with kindle tags; also left over from building the chicken run

Chicken wire

The excess chicken wire on the edges was simply folded around the frame for more strength and give any plants more of an area to grab. This for us is a simple and easy fix as most garden arches with grills or ornate trellis work can be in the hundred of pounds to buy. This seems like a ludicrous thing to do when the grills and trellis are quickly swamped by the plant growing over it. We have two options now for this: (1) Runner beans, or; (2) Cup and saucer vine. Let me know what you think I should grow in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

Garden arch

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