The Master Bedroom Reveal

There are lies we tell ourselves when viewing old houses, they run like this: 'All it needs is a spot of elbow grease and some paint', 'We could have those doors replaced in five minutes' and; 'You need to look beyond the decor'. This was our bedroom in 2010, it's more or less how it was when we moved in except our furniture is in and D is a baby gurgling and farting in a corner. We dreamt of a bedroom that was grown up but when you're knee deep in kids toys and exhausted by their boundless energy you don't reach for the wallpaper scraper straightaway. You form loads more excuses: 'Let's wait until he's big enough not to be bothered by the dust', 'We'll start it after Christmas' and, finally; 'It'll look bad before it looks better'. The last excuse sums up our entire house over the years from kitchen to front room we have trawled the layers of building dust.

Bedroom, life on pig row

Now the dust has settled on another room and the photo of 2010 seems such a long time ago, in a simpler time of austerity rather than Brexit. We no longer need to dream we have our adult space and when D came in and said, 'Can I sit on your bed?' We both said firmly, 'No'. For the first time in a long time we have our adult space, our books, our pictures, our knick knacks and knicker drawers. No more searching for underwear in bags or boxes. No more finding moths in cardboard boxes. D has his room. We have ours. Bugger off, kid and keep your jam smeared fingers to yourself.

Arts and crafts bedroom

William Morris

Inchrya Blue, Farrow and Ball

For the keen eyed among you, you will have spotted the William Morris wallpaper. It wasn't as expensive as you think and frankly quality wins out when it comes to wallpaper. We know this from experience and wallpaper that goes up badly and comes down even worse a few years later. The woodwork is Farrow & Ball, the colour, Inchyra Blue - it took us ages to settle on a colour we both liked, at one stage we had five different blues on the wall. The Inchyra Blue covered the best, it was a dream to paint with and yes it isn't cheap and no you can't colour match, we've tried and you get a poor man's Farrow and Ball. It also doesn't cover as well. So ignore that advice and bite the bullet, save up, bide your time, get the room you want and make savings elsewhere. The art on the walls comes from our time in America and some of the art is by Andrew. The art means something to us and the knick knacks that skip around the room have come from every car boot, jumble sale and bric a brac room we have ever been in. Andrew keeps threatening to get something stuffed to go somewhere. It is a very, very, Victorian room. We wanted an intimate space, we wanted that dark, comforting look, a grown up space away from Lego lurking on rugs. A space where sanity abounded and some four letter words could be uttered without fear of a small child repeating them. It wasn't cheap but it'll last, we won't be decorating again this side of the grave. What may surprise you is the final cost, all in the room cost us less than £700 to have shelves, flooring, paint and wallpaper. It would have cost us that just to get a decorator in. Sometimes it pays to do it yourself, buy stuff in the sales, wait, even if it takes nine years and six months.

William Morris

Now we have a head of steam, it's on to the bathroom and we have a few surprises there ready to reveal. It's only taken four years to complete that room

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