A Gate to the Rest of the Garden from the Potager

There are some jobs we can't do, like build a larder or construct a new floor but there are other jobs we are good at, like decorating, building tables and laying stone floors. We know our skill set. I have built gates for the garden before, when we first moved in we had no back wall and no gate out and this was soon remedied with some old decking that we'd scrounged. That gate is now six years old and is still going strong but we wanted another gate into the potager to keep the chickens out. So, rather than witter on about all those barked knuckles and four letter words that go alongside any carpentry at Pig Row we decided to let you know that you can learn to build a gate here (just get the cross bar the right way round) and that the new gate looks lovely enticing you go beyond. 

Garden gate

Garden gate



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