Last of the Summer Colour

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It has been a successful summer for bees and butterflies. Bees in early summer brimmed drunkenly over our chives and lupins, moving now into our open dahlias, daisies and sunflowers. Butterflies have come back to our garden after a few years absence, we have seen tortoiseshell, painted ladies and red admirals. There have been chimney moths and cabbage whites, neither of which we mind. It has been the season of the large moth jumping out of us in the house and the hummingbird moth that flits around our valerian. It is now the season of the dahlia and these plants come in such a wide range of colour and shape that no one should be without them. Easy to grow from seed, relatively easy to store and make syrup from they are a great addition for late summer colour. Once you grow dahlias you can never have a garden without them. We plants ours among the vegetables and always try to go for bee friendly ones.

Dahlia Karma

Even the produce that has come in has been colourful with a taste that zinged. That's half the battle with kids and adults to make food look inviting and I think a good bruschetta ticks all the boxes. We should all celebrate the ending of summer as the garden pushes to brighten our days as the sun recedes faster and faster over the horizon.



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